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Birthdays & Celebrations

"Birthdays are good for your health! Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer"

Why would I book you for my Birthday/Celebration?

We all know that after you've had your 16th, 18th & 21st Birthday things tend to settle down a little when it comes to celebrating the day you entered this world. Let's change that!


Who cares if you're 33, 46 or 74? We're going to party like you're 21. Whether your morning after reflects that age is something we can worry about another time.


What type of music do you play?

Whether you want to do 'The Twist' through the 60s, 'Hustle' your way through the 70s, 'Electric Slide' around the 80s, 'Show Me Love' from the 90s or 'Cha Cha Slide' in to the 00s - I've got a music collection throughout the years to suit every occasion.


One thing I get a real buzz out of as a DJ is finding all those hidden gems where you reminisce about a great music era in your life. I get a real sense of achievement every time I hit that spot.

Not feeling a typical 'cheesy' disco?

That's absolutely fine. My successful nightlife background can turn what you've already experienced on it's head and create more of an event than your average mobile disco. I may charge more of a premium in comparison to other local DJs but not without good reason.

  • Ever felt like a DJ just presses play and has a similar feel to just leaving your Spotify account running in to some big speakers? Yeah, the standards need to be higher. I professionally mix live at every event. Don't panic - it's a compliment when you come and ask me if I've got a mix disc playing.


  • I have invested in a high quality PA system to ensure you feel that club experience (if required).

  • Want to keep the witty comments to a minimum? No problem, not everyone likes a cheesy tag line at the end of every track or "OGGY OGGY OGGY" screamed over the mic at their party.


Are you one of these DJs that talks all night?

I would certainly consider myself to be a 'Personality DJ' but remember, this is YOUR big night so I'll run it YOUR way. No offence is ever taken if you'd prefer to just "let the music play" see - my Dad jokes are by far the worst you've heard anyway.

How much do you charge for an event?

Times, location & special requests can change the price but to give you an idea - my average fee for a Saturday Night is £300 from 7pm - midnight.

Whatever the event, whatever the location - I've got the experience, the equipment and the drive to ensure you have a night you'll never forget.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Scott Dewing