Kayley Donovan

Scott, you were AMAZING!!!! Never seen so many people dancing at a wedding before! We were all exhausted but every time we sat down you played another banging tune and we couldn't resist! You MADE the evening! Absolutely cracking party, thank you so much!!!!!

Clare Kippen

My husband and I approached Scott to DJ for our wedding August 2017, I've always loved his music choices as he's been a DJ in Colchester town for years! He plays a huge variety, from the golden oldies through to most current out there! Will always end a night out in town with his mixes! He was brilliant at our wedding and brought his set up of lighting and equipment, very professional and accommodating through the whole process, thanks again DJ Scott Dewing! Would 100% recommend for any occasion! Hope to have you play for us again sometime.

Tracey Godfrey

Scott was kind enough to DJ at my daughter's 18th Birthday on Saturday and what a great night it was! There was obviously a big age range from the teens through to the 'oldies' so you would think it may have been difficult to play music that pleased everyone. But that's what Scott did! Everyone was on the dance floor (It wasn't empty once!) and I've had some great compliments saying what brilliant music he played. I would highly recommend Scott. Thank you! x

Danny Botterell

Excellent DJ.
Seen Scott at various party's, functions and club venues over the years.
Scott was my no.1 choice for my wedding DJ when I got married in 2009 and he did a fantastic job.
Fast forward nearly 10 years and Scott's obvious experience shines through.

Katie Lockwood

Highly Recommend!! Amazing music all night long🎡 Scott plays all of the best classics and keeps the dance floor movingπŸ•ΊπŸΌ 

Chloe Morgan

Scott was really kind to let me shadow him when I was learning to DJ in my first few months. I enjoyed the old school music he played a lot and big fan of R&B also!

Andy Lonergan

Great DJ, and goes above and beyond as a Venue Manager to bring the customers in. Highly recommended for private or High Street events!

Shannan Louise-Burfoot

Scott was dj for my partners surprise 30th party, he was fantastic.. great range of music got everyone up fancy and it was an amazing night! Thankyou so much Scott would defiantly reccommend and wouldn't hesitate at using you again!


So you've got an event coming up and before you call me to plan, book and enjoy a great day/night - you've got a couple of questions? Great! - Let's see if we can answer them while you're here. If I don't already have an answer below or you would just prefer to chat or text - please feel free to contact me - I'd love to hear from you.



I want to book you for an event - do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, I will require a deposit to secure your date. The deposit amount will depend on the event and is non-refundable. Typically a Birthday deposit is £50 and a Wedding is £100.


Why do DJs put their prices up as soon as the word Wedding is mentioned?

I can't speak for every DJ but if you are receiving the same service for a Wedding as you are for a general disco then you certainly need to ask why. A Wedding requires far more planning than your average birthday party. Here is just a few examples:


  • I will be coming out to meet you and your partner to piece together how your perfect day will flow.

  • I will be editing custom videos to be displayed to your guests throughout the evening,

  • I will be re-programming the lighting effects to suit your Wedding venue.

  • I may have to setup the equipment at midday rather than an hour before the event, meaning my day is dedicated to the event rather than just the evening.


If a birthday party requires the same amount of time and planning as a Wedding then it would be priced accordingly.


When do I have to pay the balance?

I prefer to give you full piece of mind. I am more than happy to wait till the day of your event for the balance payment. The only thing I ask is that payment is made before I setup the equipment.


You are more than welcome to pay the balance in installments providing of course that it is still fully paid before the event takes place.


Can I give you a playlist for my party?

Of course you can! It's your event, and I'll do it your way. - The only question I'll ask you is: "If your playlist isn't working and no one is up dancing - what would you like me to do? Continue with it? Or use my experience to do what I do best? There is no right or wrong answer, but I'd feel terrible at the end of the night if you told me that I should of taken over.


Can I meet you before the event?

Of course you can, I will be looking after one of the biggest nights of your life. You need full piece of mind that I'm going to deliver on the night right? Weddings as standard have a meet and greet included in the package where I'll come and visit you in the comfort of your own home.


We have a band playing at our event, can they just plug into your equipment?

Due to the quality of the equipment I use, no they can't I'm afraid. I have no idea what condition their equipment is in, what is being plugged into my system and how it could effect my equipment. Generally, bands and performing artists are paid over and above what the DJ is and should therefore have their own equipment available. This would ensure the quality of their performance is at it's highest rather than hoping the DJ has a good quality system. I am more than happy to give out a microphone to assist if needed but the control of the equipment for volume and levels will only be controlled by myself.


What equipment would you use for my event?

I use a state of the art Line- Array System for sound, the bass speakers pack a punch when needed (regardless of venue size). The speakers that would generally sit above the bass speakers are just a fraction of the size that you may have seen over the years. This makes the visual aesthetics of the rig look much more pleasing to the eye than what you may of seen in the past.


Where the magic happens...… on the decks! I will use nothing but the industry standard for DJs - Pioneer. I specifically use a DDJ-1000 which has full size platters giving me full control over each and every mix on the night.


Lighting? In my time in the clubs and the mobile world I have never seen anything that creates an effect quite like moving heads, they are completely programmable, enabling me to create any effect perfect for theme nights, corporate events and weddings. I can also place these units around the room rather than just by the DJ booth and control them wirelessly creating the feel of an event rather than your average disco.


I set myself aside from the rest by custom building my own DJ Booth making it so its customisable for any event, it features a high quality TV Display where the possibilities are endless. The booth also has a selection of Ice White LEDs making the overall look of the booth stand out from the rest. It also ties in perfectly with the LOVE, MR & MRS Light Up Letters & Numbers I can also supply!


My venue is asking for certificates for Public Liability Insurance (PLI)and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) - is this something you can supply?

Don't be worried about asking your suppliers for these documents. Any professional supplier should have these documents to hand. Your closest friends and family will be attending your event and their safety is paramount. Please send me the email address over of who requires them and I'll ensure you are CC'd in to the email.


I have booked a DJ before and someone else arrived! Will you actually be the DJ at our event?

If you have booked me to DJ then I will be the DJ for your event. Believe me - I could make a lot of money sending different DJs out to different events from the comfort of my own home living off their commission. If I am personally unavailable for your date then I will not take the booking. 


What will you be wearing to my event?

I will be arriving smart to every event but please let me know if you have a theme running for the event - I'd hate to be the guy wearing a pink tie at a black tie event.


Will you be sending us out a contract to sign? 

Absolutely. Everyone reads things far more carefully when they have to sign it afterwards. - This way we can make sure all the finer details are correct and can just look forward to the big day when we know we're both singing off the same song sheet.