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"Opportunity dances with those already on the dancefloor"

There are so many dancefloors in the area, why choose you?

I pride myself on offering the quality of dancefloor that I do. After every event there will be thick black rubber marks that won't just wipe off. A dancefloor requires sheer hard work and determination to get it back up to the standard that I would allow it out at. This is why - I will only hire this dancefloor once a week to ensure I have the time to bring it back up to standard for the next event.

What size is your dancefloor?

Generally the most popular hire for a dancefloor is 16ft x 16ft - this is the size I have available.

What colour is the dancefloor?

My dancefloor is white with white LEDs. The effects are controlled wirelessly.

How long would the hire last for?

The dancefloor would be yours for a maximum of 24 hours which is included in the one off hire fee - I would be happy to discuss with your venue the best times for delivery, set-up & collection if you would prefer.

How much do you charge for the hire of a LED dancefloor?

Pricing can depend on location but to give you an idea: if you just wanted to book the dancefloor on it's own then you would be looking at £450. If I am booked to DJ then as an add on price it would cost you £400.

We've found a dancefloor cheaper elsewhere...

No problem at all, if you're confident with the standard that it will arrive on your big day and they're a reputable, reliable company - you are on to a winner.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Scott Dewing