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Light Up Letters & Numbers


"If you want light to come into your life, you have to stand where it's shining"

We're looking for something different at our Wedding Day?

Excellent! You may already know that I'm also a partner to the business Sweetness & Light. By hand, we build Wedding props such as Light Up Letters & Numbers with a unique twist.

How would something like this enhance the occasion?

Something you'll notice when you look for Light Up Letters is that they are generally plugged in to the mains and will usually have big bulbs that tend to get quite hot. Not only are our Light Up Letters LED based so they won't get hot, they're also battery powered so you can put them anywhere that looks great rather than wherever there's a plug socket.

How long will the batteries last in the letters?

We hired the display 'XMAS' to one of our regular Wedding venues for just over two weeks, they were used every day and didn't need the batteries replaced once.

What else sets your letters aside from the others available to us?

On the back of each letter, you can individually change each letter to create a different effect with the lights and there are 8 pre programmed settings to choose from. Flashing, sparkling, fading and more.

How big are the letters?

All the letters stand at just over 4ft tall, 200mm in depth and depending on the letter around 2-3ft wide.

What displays can I have?

We build all the letters in house so if we don't have it - we can make it. The popular displays we hire are LOVE, MR & MRS, DANCE, I DO, BAR to name a few! If you'd like MR & MRS 'SURNAME' this is also possible.

We've found loads of deals for Light Up Letters can you match them?

Yeah we see lots of £75 deals too (sometimes cheaper) and no we won't beat these offers. We build our letters to the highest standards and take pride in the way they look when they are setup for your event. In our experience we have seen Light Up Letters with bulbs blown, chunks taken out of the wood, paint chipped away and wires on show. This is not our standard of service or the price market we aim to be in. This day is all about the finer details and that is how we deliver our products.

How much do you charge for the Light Up Letters?

This will depend on whether I will already be there to DJ or if it's a separate delivery. For example purposes - LOVE is generally £200 but as a package, the add on price would be £150 - MR & MRS is generally £300 but as a package, the add on price would be £250.

There are so many options available, please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Scott Dewing