My Story

At the early age of 14, I was a roadie for my uncle Pauls Mobile Disco. After just a few months of watching the crowds reaction from well selected tracks - I knew I wanted to learn the trade and create my own mobile disco. My Mum & Dad bought me my first set of CD Players with built in Mixer, my late Grandad donated some speakers and an amplifier and my uncle let me use some of his disco lights. I was set and ready to go....

Four years passed as a busy local Mobile DJ playing everything you'd expect a typical Mobile DJ to play. It was time to move into another part of the industry; and see what it had to offer. At 18 I was offered my first nightclub residency at a Nightclub in Clacton-on-Sea known as the Basement. At the time I was playing 70s, 80s, 90s with the odd chart topper for an over 25s clientele.

Clacton had a great nightlife but it's safe to say Colchester was better and that's where I wanted to be. Three years later I was asked to play at Qube which at the time was 'the place to be', from there I went to play Route Nightclub, Yates, Bar Nineteen, Wig & Pen, Slug & Lettuce (5 years) & The Silk Road (3 Years). Not only did this give me a wealth of knowledge across a whole range of genres but I gained the ability to professionally mix tracks rather than 'just pressing play' to start the next track avoiding a clash of sound between two tracks or that awkward silence between them.

May 2016 I became a proud Father to my beautiful Daughter Lyla-Marie. My time with Lyla is very precious so it was then that I decided 4.30am finishes were not the way forward to gain the quality time I enjoy with her. 

I started a wedding props business called Sweetness & Light in 2018 with my partners Father. Whilst attending the Wedding Shows I noticed that a lot of the DJs hadn't really improved on their setups and it was as if time had stood still whilst I was in the clubs. Yes a new model of speakers had come out and yes there was a different looking light but it was still the same old 'boom box' in the corner with loads of flashing coloured dots everywhere.

It was time to take a fresh look at the Mobile DJ world and utilise the technology that's been around for years to progress the way in which I as a Mobile DJ would operate. In the short space of time I have been back in the Wedding Industry I have:


  • Created a full DMX Light show which enables me to control the colour, speed, motion & brightness of each individual light keeping in theme of the colour scheme you have set for the evening. The lights can also be placed around the room rather than just by the DJ to then create that event feel rather than your average party.

  • Invested in High Quality Wireless Microphones to ensure those memorable speeches are heard loud and clear.

  • Researched and found a way of wirelessly transmitting sound from the mixer to the speakers without trailing cables across the room. This can be used for sending the speakers out into the room facing back towards me so, those that want to dance can get a more intense experience with the music, whilst those that are not keen on loud music will then be on the other side making it quieter for them to chat and catch up. I can also then put speakers outside, playing background music again without the worry of cables creating a trip hazard.

  • Built a 'Custom DJ Booth with a TV Display' so not only can I play the tracks throughout the night, I can play the music videos too! Not only that, I can take your first dance, add the story of your relationship to the screen for your first dance whether that be photos, videos or just keeping it simple with text - it will really create an incredible atmosphere whilst being different to anything you'll have seen before. 

  • Introduced on the spot Karaoke! - If YOU decide it's time to let everyone sing their heart out - no problem! With the built in TV Display and professional studio mixer onboard -  at the click of the button - I can be instantly ready for Karaoke.

DJing has been a passion of mine for over 15 years and I invest everything I've learnt along the way into every event I'm part of. Whatever it is that you're celebrating - I'd love to be part of it but either way - Congratulations.

Scott Dewing