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Mr & Mrs TV Stand

"...because every picture

tells a story..."

We're looking for something different at our Wedding Day?

Excellent! You may already know that I'm also a partner to the business Sweetness & Light. By hand, we started to build Wedding props such as Light Up Letters with a unique twist.


After sometime we created what is now our most popular hire. The Mr & Mrs TV Stand. We take a selection of photographs from throughout your relationship including where you first met, any holidays, your family (pets included), pre wedding shoots etc and display them to all your friends and family on the day to show the story of your relationship. 

How would something like this enhance our day?

We designed this TV Stand knowing that sometimes life just gets in the way - you haven't managed to keep in touch with Nan & Grandad that live 100 miles away and they don't have Facebook. There will be a lot they've not seen and maybe missed out on. That goes for old friends and colleagues too. Let them catch up on what you've been up to.


Whenever we arrive to come and collect the TV Stand, we tend to find a crowd of people gathered around it with drink in hand. Usually followed by "awwwww that's cute" or "hahahaha that's hilarious" but either way it creates a lovely atmosphere on your day.

Some of our couples have the stand as you enter the reception, some have it near the bar area to watch whilst their guests are waiting to be served and some couples have it in full view next to the dancefloor - it's completely up to you.

How many photos can we send you to display on the TV Stand?

Although the amount is not limited as such - the running average for most of our hires has been around 80 for each event.

What is included in the hire?

  • Delivery & Setup

  • Pack Down & Collection

  • FREE Editing on all your photos to ensure they fit the screen perfectly rather than having big black borders round the photos on the screen.

  • A maximum of 24hr Hire.

We love it BUT - we would actually be Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs?

No problem at all, the TV Stand is split into 3 parts so we can exchange the top one for a 'MRS &' or exchange the bottom piece for just 'MR'.

How much of an impact would this make on our Wedding Day?

Our TV stands is a whopping 7ft tall and 4ft wide. The MR & MRS + TV Border all have ice white LEDs which really sets off the display. The TV is a High Quality TV with incredibly vibrant colours.

How much do you charge for the TV Stand?

If you are solely hiring the TV Stand then it would be £350, if I am booked to DJ and will be there anyway - your add on price would be £275.

Scott Dewing