Over the last few years the Wedding industry has become a very exciting place to be! Why? Because the sky's the limit! Every Wedding I attend - I see Brides & Grooms stepping out of their comfort zone to create a day like no other.

Let's talk about how we can make your day the most magical experience for both yourselves and your guests. You didn't think DJs just played music did you?

I have a variety of packages, options and ideas to send your creative mind racing so come on - let's talk Weddings!



my advice to you

One evening, sit down and write a list of things that you would both like to include on your Wedding Day. Try not to 'keep up with the Jones' as they say. This is YOUR special day - so make sure it reflects you as a couple. Once you've completed this list, arrange them in the order of priority. There is no right or wrong order for this list, just make sure it's personal to the both of you.

If YOU feel that the cake is only there to get looked at once before it's cut and moved to one side - don't spend a huge chunk of your budget on it. If you both feel that listening to a live band reflects your relationship and you feel it will create an incredible night then don't try and find a band at the lower end of your budget.


One of the best memories from a Wedding that I've played was when the bride picked up a handful of cake and planted it straight on the grooms face! This sent everyone into fits of laughter! This is not a suggestion for you however, I can assure you they wouldn't of spent hundreds of pounds on that cake but, what they did was create a memory they'll never forget!

I've been working on a project for the l

Being partner to the Sweetness & Light business - I am also able to offer a range of exclusive hand made Wedding props.

Let's Create YOUR perfect day!

Not only will I be playing all your favourite tracks throughout the night - you'll see the music videos on screen too!

Custom Build TV DJ Booth

Tonight I've laid my #MachinePolished #L

Available in a variety of sizes and machine polished before every hire. An incredible way to set off that iconic first dance photo.

LED Starlit Dancefloor

Show the story of you're relationship to your friends and family on your big day. Pictures & Videos can be displayed.

MR & MRS TV Display

A unique twist on the traditional light up letters. These are LED & battery powered so you can put them anywhere! 

Light Up Letters

These look beautiful dressed up in flowers but as soon as the sunsets you can switch on the LEDs and have this display twinkling in the garden.

Rustic Love

Need help finding a reputable supplier? Just ask! I have worked with a whole range of very talented people who are very passionate about what they do!

Recommended Suppliers

"Scott DJ'd our Wedding in October this year. We had a very good chat on the phone a few months before and exchanged our playlist. We had a discussion on how the day would work and what we were looking for, which was great. He turned up on time, the set up looked great, and he was very smartly dressed, always good to get the simple stuff right!

The important bit, the music, was great all night! Scott really mixed it up, staying within what we wanted, but always keeping the crowd happy and the dancefloor full. We had a whole bunch of feedback from guests saying how good he was, so I can't say thank you enough for really making our day that bit extra special"

George & Jade McDonald

Saturday 26th October 2019

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What services are you interested in?


Over the last few years a DJ & Sax duo at Weddings has become incredibly popular and it's clear to see why.


Myself & Jonny have worked alongside each other for sometime now and have created several playlists across a variety of genres that ensure we are able to create an atmosphere like no other.


After all his hard work and his passion for the music industry, he has recently been signed by a record label as part of a band. Jonny is an incredible musician and a real nice guy!





  • Custom build DJ booth + built in TV

  • State of the art 'line array' sound system

  • Professional DMX light show

  • Myself as your DJ for 5 hours

  • Scheduled phone/video call to discuss your Wedding day plans

  • Exclusive rates on any additions to create the Wow-Factor

  • Unlimited requests


  • Custom build DJ booth + built in TV

  • State of the art 'line array' sound system

  • Professional DMX light show

  • Myself as your DJ/Host for your entire Wedding day

  • Provide a high-quality wireless microphone for speeches

  • Unlimited requests

  • Phone/video call or home visit to discuss the plan for the day

  • Exclusive rates on any additions to create the Wow-Factor 

  • Make any announcements that you would like made

  • Assist your photographer to efficently get guests on and off set

  • Create the perfect playlist through Wedding breakfast

  • Liaise with any other entertainment to ensure a smooth evening

  • Smooth assistance with the giving of gifts and flowers

  • Introduce 'The Pearls of Wisdom'

  • Host any games you may want to play i.e Mr & Mrs

  • Fun tasks to keep your younger guests entertained.